In Maryland, seniors have the right to expect high-quality care from their nursing home. When the nursing home staff fails to provide adequate health care, they are in violation of federal laws. When this happens, the family has the right to file a legal claim. The following are details about possible instances of Nursing Home Neglect in College Park.

The Appearance of Bedsores

The appearance of bedsores doesn’t always indicate neglect. Patients with specific conditions are likely to develop these conditions due to the need to remain in the bed for an extended time. However, the signs of neglect are shown when these bedsores aren’t managed properly through adequate health care. Bedsores that become infected or cause further injuries are a hallmark of neglect.

Bruises and Broken Bones

Bruises could also be a sign of neglect or abuse. The cause of these conditions defines whether or not the staff has committed a crime. When the patient sustains broken bones, this is an additional sign that the facility is at fault. If the facility didn’t maintain the building, there is a higher probability of a slip and fall injury. These conditions could also be caused by abuse.

Sexual Assault and Abuse

Any evidence of sexual assault or abuse is identified during a routine examination. Unfortunately, some patients will never report these forms of Nursing Home Neglect in College Park if they are afraid of the staff. These allegations are supported when the doctor finds this evidence such as injuries of the genitals and sudden bleeding.

Fatalities that Occur in Nursing Homes

Fatalities that are unexplainable require the patient to undergo an autopsy. It is the findings of the autopsy that can define neglect or abuse. These cases can lead to a wrongful death lawsuit and large monetary awards.

In Maryland, patients have the right to expect a safe nursing home facility. However, the rise in nursing home neglect and abuse paints a horrific picture that shows a violation of federal laws. Patients who are abused have the right to file a legal claim against the facilities. Families that need help due to Nursing Home Neglect in College Park contact Jaklitsch Law Group today.

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