Everyone has only one set of permanent teeth, so it is important to keep those teeth as healthy and in as good a condition as possible. When teeth are not cared for correctly, they are susceptible to damage and disease. Teeth lost due to injury or decay can only be replaced artificially, which can be expensive and embarrassing for some people. To lessen the risk of tooth loss, routine Dental cleaning in Oyster Bay NY is recommended. There are many benefits to routine teeth cleanings from a dentist, including the following.

  *    Dentists at Locust Valley Dental Group are able to identify and treat any signs of cavity and decay they find during regular cleanings. If a patient hadn’t been receiving a normal cleaning, the issue might not have been found until it caused serious damage. By finding issues early, minimal treatment is needed to reverse or correct the damage. If someone waits until there is pain from a decayed tooth, more intensive treatments like root canals and crowns may be needed rather than a simple filling or sealant.

  *    Stains build up on teeth from different foods, drinks, and environmental factors. If these stains are allowed to remain on teeth and accumulate, major discoloration to teeth may occur. By seeing a dentist for a Dental cleaning in Oyster Bay NY, these stains can be removed easily before they require intensive or multiple treatments to eliminate. More-severe stains will require harsher chemicals or expensive laser treatments, so removing them early is always best.

  *    A large portion of the population is suffering from some degree of gum disease. Many don’t even realize they have a problem, especially in early stages of the disease. By receiving frequent dental cleanings, patients will know if they are exhibiting any signs of gum trouble.

By seeing a dentist for routine cleanings, patients are able to avoid many of the common oral health issues. Frequent cleanings also reduce the risks of damage to teeth, as they will remain strong. Those seeking a new dentist can visit the website for more information on how to keep teeth clean and safe.

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