Whether you are opening a restaurant, a café, or even a flower shop, you are going to need a walk-in refrigerator. You will be relying on this system to make sure your product stays at the right temperature, and failure to do so can lead to loss of product or worse. In some cases, refrigeration is a food safety issue, and violation can cause you to lose your good standing with the California Department of Public Health. To ensure that your refrigeration unit is going to protect your product in the most efficient way possible, there are several things you need to consider.

Size of Refrigerated Space

It is easier and less expensive to keep a smaller area cool. When designing your walk-in refrigerator, you will want to minimize the space as much as possible. Clearly identifying the amount of product you will have in storage is going to help you find out the size you require. In the event that you do not have enough space, you will have to take a loss of inventory, and that is not ideal either.

Choosing Your Panel Type

You now need to choose what you want to install for door panels. Commercial refrigeration panels in California are required to have an R-value of 28 or higher. The R-value is the rating of the insulation power a panel has, and the higher the number, the more they keep the cool air from escaping. The type of panel will impact what the R-value is, and as the R-value increases, so does cost.

Cooling Power

Finally you will need to size out your compressor. The bigger the space and lower the R-values, the more cooling power you are going to need. This relationship is why higher R-value can help you save upfront costs, as well as save in operation costs down the road.

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