In Indiana, commercial properties must comply with federal safety and electrical regulations. To ensure compliance, business owners must schedule regular maintenance of their machinery and electrical services. Smaller companies that don’t have a licensed electrician on staff must acquire services from local electricians to mitigate these risks. The following are details about maintenance and electric repair in Indianapolis faced by company owners.

Reduction of Arc Flashes

An arc flash in an industrial environment can have catastrophic results. For these reasons, company owners must schedule maintenance services to assess these risks. If machinery presents a hazard, an electrician must follow lockout, tag out procedures. This process requires the electrician to lock off the machinery and prevent it from being used until it is operating correctly.

Assessments of Wiring Systems

The electrician must assess all wiring systems in the building. These assessments determine if an error could present the risk of electric shock, fires, or electrocution. The electrician must inform the company owner of any issues that are present and review options for correcting these conditions quickly. If multiple issues are discovered, the company will need to shut down to prevent possible worker-related injuries.

Evaluations for HVAC Services

All HVAC services connected to the electrical system must be evaluated as well. These systems could present the probability of an adverse event if they aren’t operating correctly. For example, heating systems that use an electrical start could produce a fire quickly if they malfunction.

Correcting Safety Violations

All companies must complete an OSHA inspection each year. If any violations are discovered with the electrical system, the owner must follow necessary steps to correct the condition that isn’t compliant. Any failure to comply with federal regulations leads to fines and the shutdown of the business. A licensed electrician can perform these services quickly and restore compliance for these business owners.

In Indiana, commercial properties must comply with all electrical-based safety standards. These standards are enforced each year and could lead to serious penalties if the company isn’t compliant. Business owners also need regular maintenance for all machinery and electrical systems in their building. Businesses that need electric repair in Indianapolis contact Burtner Electric Inc..

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