Hearing problems can affect every aspect of life. Having to ask people to repeat themselves can be frustrating to both individuals. It can also be difficult to hear the television at an average volume. To check to see if there has been a hearing loss, it is beneficial to have an auditory test to see how much hearing loss has occurred.

The first thing that should be done is to schedule an appointment with a doctor that specializes in ears and hearing issues. These doctors are typically referred to as ENT, or ear, nose, and throat doctors. The doctor can check to see if the hearing loss may be caused by a medical condition, such as wax build up or fluid in the ears. If it is determined that there is wax build up, a simple ear cleaning may solve the problem. If there is fluid in the ears, this may require a specific treatment to remove the fluid from the ears. In some cases, a lot of fluid in the ears can result in balance issues so, if this is a problem, be sure to see an ENT to get proper treatment. If the issue is not something that can be solved medically, then the ear doctor may refer you to an audiologist.

An audiologist performs specific tests to determine how bad the hearing loss is. An audiologist uses tools to measure the amount of hearing loss that has occurred. The information is gathered using an audiometer, and then the data is sent to a computer and evaluated. Once the information is gathered, the audiologist provides recommendations based on the amount of hearing loss discovered. In some cases, this may mean acquiring a hearing aid. In other situations, it could mean taking medications to help with any disorders discovered during testing. Hearing facilities that provide auditory testing in Lancaster, PA should provide guidance as to where to go if more extensive testing needs to be done.

If you are unsure if insurance covers the auditory tests, contact the facility that provides auditory testing in Lancaster, PA to ensure that testing is covered. For more information, go to .

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