It is virtually impossible to manage a deer population without knowing the number of deer that need to be managed. Helicopter Aerial Survey Texas is a most effective means of performing this vital service. The survey can be done in a very short amount of time versus other methods such as spotlight or mobile surveys. The ratios of sex, density, distribution, and even the survival rate of fawns all can be determined quickly and easily when utilizing aerial surveys done by helicopters.

It is best to start the aerial survey approximately half an hours after sunrise. However, if the land is dense with plants and other vegetation, it is considered best to wait for about an hour after sunrise to reduce the number of shadows that may be present. The only drawback to starting later is the reduction of deer movement. It is therefore necessary to keep the surveying techniques consistent each time it is performed.

When dealing with a ranch that is smaller in size, it is possible to survey the entire land rather that a sample as is most often performed with ranches that are larger in size. The aerial survey is most often performed by a pilot who flies the helicopter and an observer who counts and monitors the deer population. Different forms of data will be taken depending on the needs and wants of the ranch owner. If a complete ranch count is needed, the information is most often tallied by pasture and will include the number of bucks, does, and fawns, and any unidentified deer that may be present.

The collection of this data assists in harvest recommendations for the ranch and in the selling or leasing of land to parties that are interested in the future of the deer population. Information that is also often collected is the number of bucks by their point-class. This can be a fine indicator of the health of the deer population going forward. Smith Helicopters are experts at assisting the ranch owner or land owner in determining the state and health of the deer population that reside on the land. Contact them for information on aerial surveying services that they perform.

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