The best way for doctors to see what is going on inside the human body is to perform a CT Scan (Computed Tomography). These scans allow for alternate views of the area scanned and allows physicians to see organs, bones in the abdominal cavity, and blood vessels. CT Scans can be one of the best ways to detect cancer and surgeons will perform these scans to prepare for a procedure and minimize complications. Doctors will send patients who are experiencing problems in their abdominal cavity to get an Abdominal CT Scan in Riverhead NY to help diagnose the problem or to rule out other possible medical issues.

These scans can determine the exact location of the problem, allowing the physician to decide which is the next action needed to correct it. Having a CT scan is painless and only requires patients to fast for a few hours before the test and drink a barium solution right before the scan is performed. The barium solution helps to highlight the lining of the organs; the solution can also show if there is a blockage in the intestinal tract. Emergency room doctors will also order a CT Scan for patients who have received trauma to rule out abdominal bleeding and to prepare for emergency surgery if necessary. Doctors will send patients for an Abdominal CT Scan in Riverhead NY to diagnose a condition or to check for cancers, if a patient is having ongoing problems that have not been resolved with regular medicine.

These types of scans have helped to detect cancer earlier for many patients and get them into cancer treatment programs. CT Scans are the best way to find potential medical issues along with the use of blood work. Where blood work looks for elevated or low levels of hormones and chemicals in the body, CT Scans can show the doctor the overall picture of what is happening inside the body. Having a scan performed is more reliable than just doing blood work alone, and many doctors will routinely send patients to have both tests done. North Fork Radiology performs various diagnostic imaging in a state-of-the-art facility. They use the latest in imaging technology, and all staff has the training and credentials to work with the equipment. They are skilled in abdominal and oncology imaging for preventative treatment. They pride themselves on their professionalism and compassion towards every patient they see.

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