The world of marketing has come a long way over the last few years and in particular, since 2011, when the SEO trend first really began sweeping the globe. Nowadays, sites that are not search engine optimised must be prepared to get left behind, as lucrative businesses take their marketing to the next level with a strategically planned out digital marketing solution. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because this kind of marketing is done online that you won’t need to invest anything. If you have minimal knowledge on the subject, you will most certainly need to hire a digital marketing expert for the job. An expert in the industry will aim to help you get the most value out of every campaign. The following tried-and-tested methods have been preferred throughout 2015 and will without a doubt continue to work in 2016, too.

Distributing Content Across Various Channels

Content marketing always has been (and still is) the most popular method used by online  advertisers. Everybody wants to read an informative article, blog post or news article if it is crammed with useful information and relates to the topic they have an interest in. This is why you need to stick to your content creation strategies and throw in a bit of content curation, too. When this content is researched well and includes relevant keywords, web visitors will find your site easier, due to the fact that Google will be kinder with rankings.

Seeing Things from a Customer’s Perspective

The behaviour of web users is changing and in order to meet the demands of your consumers, you must put yourself in their shoes. Passive tracking is a technique used by most digital marketing guru’s, because it offers a glimpse at where people are looking for content. Reaching out to them in this way is not seen as pushy but instead, it shows that you are considering the needs of customers. As a result, this will build your loyalty rate, which is important if you want to see those conversions.

Inspiring Customers with Valuable Information

You’ve probably seen people sharing articles, videos and other types of media through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. There is a reason that they do this – because it inspires them in some way. Be compelling in your digital marketing methods and create something that sticks in customer’s minds. If they want to remember the valuable information you provide, they will likely share it, pin it, like it, etc.

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