Ballet is a very artistic form of dance that has been around for centuries. Originating in certain regions of Italy in the 1400s, it has been the favorite dance of aristocrats and nobility in Russia and other parts of Europe. Today, it is extremely popular as a skill for young children to learn for recreation, expressing their creativity and keeping themselves limber and in a healthy physical condition. If you want your little boy or girl to learn the centuries-old art of ballet, an excellent place to start is at ballet classes for kids in Highland Park, IL.

What To Expect From Ballet Classes For Kids In Highland Park, IL

At ballet classes for kids in Highland Park, IL, there are many different aspects of ballet that are focused on, so boys and girls of all ages can have a great time learning ballet no matter what direction their talents and interests lie or what their personality is like. Here are some of the many ballet classes for kids in Highland Park, IL you and your child can choose from:

* Princess Ballet Camp – This is the perfect ballet class for girls who are two and three years old. The students and instructors meet once a week during the summer to practice ballet, listen to stories, eat snacks, do craft, and act out their favorite princess stories. If your little girl loves pretending to be a princess, this is the class for her.

* Ballet – This class is for students who are in Pre-K through eighth grade. Students who take these ballet classes for kids in Highland Park, IL will learn how to master their techniques, develop full flexibility, and have more body control. They will also learn about using their core muscles. This class lasts for a year.

* Ballet/Figure Skater Class – Is your child, from fifth to eighth grade, interested in figure skating and ballet? If so then this is the perfect class for him or her. Students will learn how to improve their techniques, gain more body control, and utilize their core muscles for increased flexibility.

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