Having your own well provides you with some benefit over using a municipal water supply. Not only are costs lower, but you will also have access to more water technologies to maintain a running water supply. From low-yielding wells to pressure tank problems, you need to stay informed about the workings of your well.

Some Major Signs

For example, if you need a well water pump repair in Greenville, OH, you probably will notice a few telltale clues. Usually, you will be alerted to the need for a repair if you notice one of these three signs:
1. No water flow from your faucets,

2. The water pressure being poor, and

3. The pump is constantly running.

Any of these signs indicates a major problem with the well or pump.

Is Your Water Flowing?

If your water is no longer flowing, three possibilities could be hampering the flow. Well failure, or a low supply of water in the ground, signals the need for a well water pump repair as does equipment failure or a plumbing breakdown. Clogged or broken pipes are indicators that you need to contact a contractor to have the problem immediately fixed.

A Lack of Water – Check Your Electrical Panels

If you find that you do not have any water, first check your electrical panels. Inspect the circuit for the well pump and pressure tank. It should be switched to the “ON” position. If it is not in the “ON” position, flick it to “ON” to see if the system runs. If the system resumes running, then it may just be a one-time glitch, which means you do not have to facilitate a well water pump repair.

Professional contractors at companies such as Wiley Well Drilling suggest checking the pressure tank as well. Inspect the pressure gauge and make sure it reads above 20 psi. If there is no pressure, then the issue is either the well pump, switch, or pressure tank. Call your service provider and give them the details to renew and repair your system.

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