Buying Diamond Jewelry in Worcester MA isn’t always an easy thing to do. With so many choices, a first-time shopper can feel overwhelmed while looking around for diamonds. The task can be even more difficult if the person is shopping for someone else. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to find out the basics about diamonds. Once a person has the basics down, they can talk to jewelers with more confidence and find exactly what they want. They also don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of.

Before buying Diamond Jewelry in Worcester MA from Cormier Jewelers or any other retailer, a person has to learn about shape. Round diamonds are by far the most popular on the market. Such diamonds account for about 75 percent of the gems being sold. Round diamonds show a lot of brightness, which makes them quite attractive. Next on the list are princess cut diamonds. Of all the fancy cuts of diamonds, the princess cut is the most popular. That’s saying a lot since the cut is just over three decades old. There are also oval, marquise, and cushion-cut diamonds for sale. The more exotic cuts will be more expensive.

Setting a budget for buying diamonds can be tricky. If a person has their heart set on a certain karat weight, they might be disappointed by anything under that weight. But the truth is that a good deal of money can be saved by purchasing a diamond just under a popular karat weight. Instead of buying a diamond that is 1 ct., a person can select a diamond that is .80 ct. It’s close enough in size but will be more affordable. Comparing diamonds side by side will often show shoppers that size differences aren’t that noticeable if the karat weights are close enough.

The precious metal that goes with the diamond is also important. Platinum, gold, and white gold can be used with diamonds. Platinum is the most expensive option, while white gold is the least expensive. Some shoppers like white gold because they feel that it resembles platinum. Although platinum has more of a shine than white gold, some individuals really can’t tell the difference.

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