There are plenty of old cars sitting idle in driveways and backyards; not only are these old junkers an eye sore, they are actually worth money and they are not difficult to dispose of. To maximize on the value of that junk car in Chicago there are a few things that need to be done before it is delivered to the junk yard.

  • Take all your personal possessions out of the car: When the car was last driven chances are good that there were personal possessions left in it. You are responsible for getting them out; don’t expect the junk yard employees to do it. When the tow truck shows up to take the car away, this is the last you will ever see of it.
  • Get the ownership details in order: If the vehicle is still covered by insurance, cancel it. In some jurisdictions the license plates have to be turned in, if this is the case where you live it is something that only you can deal with. Even though you are junking the car the title still has to be transferred, this is not necessarily a game changer but the transaction will be a lot easier if you can transfer the title.
  • Are there parts that can be sold? If you have already agreed on a price for your junk car in Chicago then you are obliged to turn the car over in the condition it was when the price was set. If you haven’t set a price yet, look to see if there are components that can be stripped off and sold. If the car has a reasonably new battery, perhaps you can swap it with someone who wishes to buy it. In the eyes of a junk yard; a battery is a battery, they only want the lead.

With a little work and a few telephone calls you can arrange to dispose of that old junk car that has been sitting around for far too long.

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