Property owners who aren’t careful can lose a lot of money because of Termites in Annapolis. In some cases, homeowners mistake scout termites for winged ants. Ants are relatively harmless, so if scouts are mistaken for ants, a homeowner might not think much about the insects. The problem is that scouts are looking for new places to start termite colonies. If the scouts aren’t dealt with promptly, a colony is likely to start. Scouts are usually active in the spring, so anything that looks like a winged ant should be killed if it is found around a home.

Much like other insects, it doesn’t take Termites in Annapolis long to reproduce. A colony can start small, but it will soon become very large. The queen can live for a number of years. Each year, the queen will produce more offspring to increase the size of the colony. As the colony grows in size, more food is needed to sustain it. The termites will feed on wood in and around the home. At first, property owners might not even notice that they have termites. But, as the colony gets bigger, the bugs are likely to be found in plain sight. That means the homeowner needs to visit or another website for help.

It’s not all bad news when it comes to termites. Homeowners can prevent infestations and the problems that they bring if they do their due diligence. First, moisture in and around the home has to be controlled. Termites like to build colonies where they find wood and moisture. If there isn’t enough moisture, scouts will move on to look for more suitable locations for colonies. Second, openings to the home have to be sealed. Scouts will look for places that are easy for them to access. Last, but not least, having regular inspections isn’t a bad idea. An exterminator will catch a termite problem while it is still in its early phases. That means there might not be any damage done.

Termites can completely destroy wood. If the insects are to be stopped, a property owner is definitely going to need some outside help from a skilled exterminator.

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