If you love to golf, then odds are you have had to battle the weather a couple of times when you’re out on the course. Both sun and rain can be a major inconvenience to a lot of golfers. While naturally, you want to be able to enjoy your sport outdoors, you may not want to get wet or sunburned as a side effect. Golf umbrellas are a great solution. Here are three reasons why they are better for golfing than a standard umbrella.


If you choose a golf umbrella, you won’t be disappointed in its size. They are larger than typical protection, but not heavier. No one wants to be saddled down with a heavy umbrella. Since they are typically made with fiberglass, they are a lighter and more mobile option.


If you have ever held an umbrella in the wind, you know just how embarrassing or inconvenient it can be. An inside out umbrella really can’t help anyone. With golf umbrellas, they are sturdy enough to withstand high-powered winds.


Many companies will allow you to brand your umbrellas! In the case of golf umbrellas, this can make your company’s logo stand out. If you happen to own a company, you could even offer Raintec Umbrellas to customers who love golf. This could help raise awareness to your business.


In a game of golf, your swing really matters. The last thing that you want to have to deal with is your hand cramping up. Fortunately, most gold umbrellas have a great ergonomic handle. It allows the user to keep their hand in a natural position.

When it comes down to it, having protection from the elements that isn’t restricting is important. You shouldn’t have to let the weather get you down when you’re out for a good time. With the right umbrella, you don’t have to sacrifice anything.

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