There are two basic aspects of household plumbing. The first is the fresh water supply necessary for drinking, cooking and cleaning. The other is the sewage lines used to carry away any waste. In most situations, this arrangement functions as expected, but there are times when the waste control systems require drain cleaning in Omaha NE. There are several procedures that fit into this category. For example, an expert plumber may be required to clear out any clogged drains or P-traps.

One area where clogs can grow are the main sewage lines. These are typically large, slow moving systems and this means they may hold the liquefied waste for a while. This is a nutrient supply that many plants cannot pass up. Once a root locates this source of nutrients, the plant will tend to grow in that direction. This process of nature may ensure the survival of the plant, but it can wreak havoc on the sewer pipes. This is because the plants tend to locate the water through a tiny crack and then force the crack to expand as the roots grow.

The first step in eliminating a blockage is examining the pipe. An expert in drain cleaning in Omaha NE will use a tool known as a video snake to inspect the interior of the pipe. If roots are found, then it may be necessary to force any clog past them. This is not an easy task because plant roots are normally quite strong.

After all of this preliminary work is done, the real effort in cleaning drain lines begins. This task involves a process known as hydro-jetting and should be done by a professional because some contractors will attempt to clean the pipes with a water hose and call the job jetting.

True hydro-jetting uses a high-pressure water supply to scour the insides of the pipe. The difference is in the results. A proper jetting system should eliminate most problems including many roots and other blockages. One area where it cannot help is the accumulation of dirt from a break in the pipe. Damages in the line can occur from various areas including shifting soils and the weight of a vehicle. Click here to learn more about drain system cleaning and repairs.

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