The roof of a building is supposed to keep out the elements such as rain, wind and snow. Unfortunately, there is one type of damage that can severely compromise the system and this is Roof Hail Damage Ft Worth. Why is hail so damaging? Well, the main reason is that hail strikes cause the upper layer of the asphalt shingle to wear off too quickly. This is the portion of the shingle that works to block out solar rays and when it is missing the sun can easily damage the rest of the shingle and it will eventually fail.

Hail damage can be very minor and still cause problems. One reason for this is that the damage is difficult to see. Small pieces of hail can create a small dent in the shingle that simply appears to be creases or small dings. However, the damage will grow, and this is why Roof Hail Damage Ft Worth is so serious. Once the shingle begins to deteriorate, it isn’t long before the roof becomes completely compromised. At this point, water becomes the enemy and begins to seep past the roofing membranes and into things such as decking and eventually, the drywall.

Thankfully, there are experts such as Greystone Roofing, who can help with a variety of roofing issues including damage from ice and hail. This is important because these two problems don’t always become a major issue until later on. Consider how ice affects a roof. Water begins to build up under the edges of shingles, and when it freezes, the resulting ice forces the shingles to separate, and this allows more water, and the cycle continues.

In some cases, the problems can be resolved by replacing any damaged materials. However, if the damage is severe or occurs fairly often, then it might be better to consider the alternatives. One option is the laminated shingle. This asphalt product provides a thicker roofing solution that is more resilient to damage. Laminated shingles use an extra layer of material on the back of the shingle, and this can increase its strength. Another useful tool in the war against the elements is roofing inspections. Discovering a small problem before it becomes a huge one is the best way to prevent disasters.

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