If an iron fence has a rusted surface, corroded sections can be eliminated by completing the following steps. A coat of clear rust inhibiting sealer that is applied to a treated fence will prevent iron from rusting again.


  *    rust dissolving gel

  *    paintbrush

  *    wet/dry sandpaper (fine grit)

  *    water hose

  *    iron cleaning agent

  *    sponge

  *    long-handled scrub brush

  *    can of clear sealer

  *    mixing stick

  *    paint tray

  *    paint roller

  *    handle and frame

Eliminating Rust And Cleaning A Fence

A soft-bristled paintbrush should be used to apply rust dissolving gel to portions of an Iron Fence Moreno Valley that are rusted. After a few minutes have passed, a piece of fine grit sandpaper that is slightly damp needs to be moved back and forth over corroded areas to eliminate any rust that did not dissolve completely. Moderate pressure should be applied to the back of a piece of sandpaper to assist with eliminating flecks of rust.

An iron cleaning agent can be wiped across iron with a sponge. If a fence has a fairly smooth surface, a long-handled scrub brush can be used to clean both sides of a fence. Water should be sprayed onto a fence’s surface to remove gel and the cleaning agent.

Applying One Or Two Coats Of Sealer

Clear sealer needs to be stirred until it is an even consistency. A paint tray should be filled with sealer. A paintbrush or paint roller can be used to add sealer to each side of an iron fence. If there are any small details in a fence’s surface, a narrow paintbrush can be used to cover them with sealer. Before adding a second coat of sealer, touching a small part of a fence’s surface will help determine if the initial coat has dried thoroughly. After the second coat of sealer has dried, an iron fence’s surface will remain protected from corrosion on a daily basis.

Mesa Fence Company or a comparable business carries a full line of fencing supplies. An Iron Fence Moreno Valley will retain its appearance and continue to increase privacy on a residential or commercial piece of property by completing routine maintenance steps.

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