Plumbing failures come in all types such as hidden leaks or constantly running toilets, but one of the worst problems may be clogged drains. A blocked drain can result in major waste backups that might destroy the interior of the home. For instance, a blockage in the main sewer line could allow the waste to build up in showers, toilets, and tubs or it could overflow on the floors and saturate them or the walls. Cleaning this mess is difficult, but the best way to handle the problem is thorough drain cleaning in Salisbury, MD. Drain cleaning can avoid the issue before it becomes a disaster.Sometimes, it can be difficult to know if the sewer lines have developed clogs. However, one common indicator is slowly moving drains, especially if this is consistent throughout the home. Slow draining toilets or tubs usually show that the problem is in the main pipes. This is typically a blockage which has developed over time. Clogs can come from solid waste, detergents, and grease that builds up slowly. This muck tends to accumulate on the pipe walls or at a joint. Attempting to root out the problem usually just pokes a hole in the clog. Another source of clogs is plant roots.

Most major drain cleaning in Salisbury, MD is done with hydro-jetting systems. Hydro-jetting or water jetting is a high-pressure cleaning tool that forces the waste off of the pipes. This results in clean pipes and flushes the waste into the sewer. Another benefit is the ability to examine clean pipes using a video system. This may be necessary to ensure that all roots are removed and that the sewage is flowing properly.The other kind of plumbing clog is the one that occurs in the pipe traps. Pipe traps or P-traps are those unusually curved segments of piping found under the drains. Cleaning them usually requires removing the trap and flushing out any debris. This is normally a simple task, but some drain pipes require care so that the threads are not damaged in the process. Tubs and showers are a bit more difficult because their drains tend to be beneath the floors. Toilets have the trap built in and they often require a flexible rooter to remove any blockage. Eliminate drain problems with help from the experts at 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling.

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