Many people love to install flags on top of their trucks. It’s relatively easy to do, and it allows you to show off your pride or allegiance to any cause. You may have seen trucks on the freeway sporting the flag of the United States or some other particular political movement. Not only does it add a bit of uniqueness to your vehicle, but it also highlights your views about a specific topic. However, before you can install the flag, you will need to purchase cable assemblies. This type of assembly is used for keeping the flag up when driving. Without a reinforced assembly, the flag would just fall off due to the air resistance.

A Brief Description

Companies such as Symonds Flags & Poles, Inc. sell a whole range of different types of cable assemblies in Dallas, TX. The assemblies are generally made from stainless steel aircraft cable. It’s extremely sturdy and won’t give way due to the high resistance on the road. You can connect one end to the winch through the stop sleeve (which is made of copper) and the other end can be affixed to the flag arrangement assembly. Of course, if you don’t have a dedicated flag arrangement assembly, you should buy one before ordering the cable assembly.

Safety Measures

Apart from the fact that the cable assemblies are made from the highest quality materials available, companies also take additional steps in order to minimize the chances of damage. Because of the rotation of the truck assembly, there’s a chance that the cable assembly may unravel completely. To mitigate the potential of this occurring, a swivel made from stainless steel is also installed within the assembly. This minimizes the damaging effects caused by the rotation of the truck assembly and it prevents the cables from unraveling.

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