Judges are inclined to be more lenient when certain circumstances characterize the issuing of a traffic citation. The also may be more lenient if the driver has certain positive characteristics. Having a Ticket Attorney in Hillsboro MO for legal representation is another way to help get a citation dismissed or at least reduced to a charge that has a less expensive fine, or no fine.

Judges may reduce some tickets to non-moving violations, for example. That reduced charge also may avoid having points assessed to the driver’s license, which is especially important for people who already have points on the license. One more citation could lead to license suspension. It also could lead to increased automotive insurance rates or the non-renewal of the policy.

A judge may be more likely to dismiss a ticket for a person with a spotless driving record. That may be even more probable if the citation was for something the general public would consider just barely illegal. For instance, someone could have been ticketed for driving 58 miles per hour in a 55 speed limit zone, but a judge may decide that was unreasonable.

In another situation, the citation might have been for traveling 10 miles over the speed limit, and the judge might reduce the ticket to traveling 0 to 5 miles over. That would entail a lower financial penalty and no points on the license.

Another person may have continued through a yellow light that changed to red while in the intersection. A Ticket Attorney in Hillsboro MO might provide evidence that a driver behind the car was moving along swiftly enough to cause a rear-end collision if someone in front stopped. This lawyer might also provide legal history showing that traveling through a yellow light with the speed of traffic can be considered acceptable driving behavior, as long as that driver wasn’t racing to beat the light and didn’t enter the intersection after the light turned red.

Attorneys who defend clients against traffic tickets understand which techniques are effective in this goal. Someone who wants to fight a ticket in court may Contact Wegmann Law Firm for information.

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