The quickest way to give a house a face-lift is to update the window treatments. Many of the latest trends highlight organic materials. Shades and blinds are popular again. They are unique because they are made of natural materials. Further, it is okay to replace the metal curtain rods with those made of wood. Opt for a rich mahogany or go with the lighter woods. Likewise, window blinds are trending. However, they are not like grandma’s blinds. They can be purchased with a remote control. No more getting up to lift the blinds up or down. Incidentally, shades and blinds help to reduce energy bills. They hold in heat in winter and keep the sun out during the summer.

Those who desire custom window treatments in Manhattan, NY are in luck. There are many firms that do a great job with custom home accessories. Start by visiting the website of . The material is very important to the look one is trying to achieve. Those who want to go upscale should try luxury fabrics. Drapes and curtains made of materials like damask, silk, and velvet are a big trend.

Considering new window treatments in Manhattan, NY? Think about the new looks for drapes. Designers are making them wider and longer to make windows appear larger. One of the biggest changes is fabric and color. Textured fabrics are important and color must make a statement. Rich, bold colors are the latest thing. Likewise, there are some new ways to make curtains and drapes. Imagine, curtains that are layered in ruffles from the top of the window to the floor? Curtains are also being designed with appliques. This is a way for the homeowner to make a unique statement.

Some designers like to mix curtains made of different materials. It is not unusual to see sheers in different pastel colors mixed with silk curtains. Do not forget that little details make all the difference. One may like the look of grommet curtains that slip on the road. Grommet curtains are a nice change from rod-pocket curtains. That is the thing about home accessories. One can let their own style shine.

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