Honey bees offer great benefits, such as pollination, honey and wax. Through pollination, honey bees are involved with one-third of the food we consume. In the late spring one may encounter a Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH Swarming occurs when a hive becomes overcrowded or over heated. A single honey bee swarm can contain thousands of worker bees and drones surrounding a single queen. The swarm may be a small as a baseball or as large as a basketball. They fly briefly in a clump and then land on a tree limb or shrub for up to a few days at a time. The swarm sends out scouting bees to select a nesting place to establish a new colony. Once the new location is picked the swarm breaks up and flies to it. Honey bees feed before they swarm. When they swarm honey bees are in a docile state. They have no hive to protect, and they’re searching for a new home for themselves. This state makes them much less likely to sting unless they feel threatened or attacked.

If one encounters a swarm of honey bees, the best thing to do is observe the phenomenon from a safe distance. They will most likely move on in a fairly short time. If a swarm happens to settle in a high traffic location where they are likely to encounter large numbers of people, it may become necessary to contact a beekeeper. County agricultural commissioners keep lists of registered beekeepers in their areas. Beekeepers know how to relocate a swarm in a manner that is safe for both the honey bees and the general public.

If a hive of honey bees is discovered in the walls of a home, it should be moved. The bees will not cause structural damage to a building, but an expanding nest can harm sheetrock. It is also possible for bees to open a hole in a house, frightening homeowners. Also, all honey must be removed to prevent it from fermenting and destroying parts of walls and ceilings. For more information on a Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH take some time to Browse our website.

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