There are a number of pests that can infect a household, but one of those that few people think about is the bed bug. This may be because the bed bug problem was mostly eradicated in major countries decades ago, but there are still places where they can be found. Bed bugs are small insects, roughly one-quarter of an inch in size and are colored from brown to red. Like mosquitoes and other parasites, the bed bug feeds on blood. Unlike most blood feeders, this insect doesn’t normally carry disease, but the bites can become a nuisance, and this pest can be difficult to eradicate. The use of Bed Bug Treatments in Lincoln CA can help eliminate the problem.

Bed bugs tend to live in dark spaces. This is one reason that they like the seams around a mattress or under a headboard. These locations give them easy access to a food source and quick refuge from detection. Hiding in the dark can also make them difficult to see which makes the problem tough to treat. Bed Bug Treatments in Lincoln CA require that the infestation is identifiable. To locate bed bugs, it may be required to find the small groups they tend to live in. Unlike many insects, the bed bug doesn’t have a hive or physical nest. Instead, they live in small colonies that can inhabit a crack or crevice. As the colony grows, the bed bugs will spread out making them tougher to destroy.

Eliminating bed bugs often requires an expert such as All In One Pest Control. The reason for this is their ability to quickly determine where the insect may be hiding. It takes a certain amount of experience to determine where this insect may lurk or to notice the small piles of detritus that occur as the young bed bug sheds it skin during growth. Places to search include the entire bed, nightstands, dressers or any trim around the room. Because these insects move in the dark, it is entirely possible that they can invade another room or neighbor’s apartment. Bed bugs will also bite pets, but because humans notice the problem less frequently, they tend to be the preferred food source.

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