How does a Slip And Fall Accident Attorney prove that someone was at fault so the client is deemed eligible to receive financial compensation? Sometimes it’s questionable as to whether a property owner is legally responsible for the situation that caused an accident. The way that the injured person was behaving at the time he or she fell is taken into account by the insurance company. Evidence of carelessness may lead to a claim denial or a very low settlement offer.

A Slip And Fall Accident Attorney needs the prospective client to be honest when answering questions. An example of a question to determine the responsibility of the injured person would be whether he or she was running in an area where this is inadvisable. That could be in a retail store, around a swimming pool or on a stairway. Jumping off a staircase or a ledge outside a building also can be viewed as a careless activity.

Another issue commonly seen today involves an accident occurring while somebody is paying more attention to a cell phone than to maneuvering on a sidewalk or through a building. Reading or sending a text message may have been too distracting for safety. The individual might have tripped over something on the floor while gazing down at the cell phone screen.

When a person is injured under these circumstances, how does a lawyer prove the property owner or a manager on the premises actually was at fault? These parties have certain legal obligations to keep the property safe for people who go there. A wet floor, for example, poses a safety hazard, but placing caution signs generally absolves the property owner and management of liability for an accident if someone ignores those signs. Walking into an unexpected barrier while texting or reading a magazine also undermines the person’s claim.

Attorneys with a law firm such as Edwards & Bullard Law provide free consultations so injured individuals can learn whether or not they have a good case. Since there is no obligation, an injured person should not hesitate to schedule an appointment, even if he worries his claim may not be valid. You can also watch video on YouTube channel for more information.

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