What does research indicate about satisfaction among U.S. homeowners with their home insurance policies and providers? A study by J.D. Powers has found that satisfaction is very high. A homeowners insurance provider in Milbury MA that bundles the home policy with other coverage is likely to have an excellent customer approval rating. In general, the more types of insurance bundled together, the better the satisfaction rating. Consumers appreciate being able to save money this way and to have the convenience of various types of coverage with one provider.

A bundle policy, at a minimum, typically includes the home and auto insurance with the same Homeowners Insurance Provider in Milbury MA. It might also include coverage for belongings such as motorcycles, personal watercraft and even a private airplane. Customers receive significant discounts with this strategy compared with having separate insurers for each kind of coverage.

Of course, in some cases, bundling coverage actually does not achieve the lowest cost for the desired amount of insurance. That’s why it’s important to work with an independent agency such as Northeast – Metro West Insurance. The agents can compare bundled rates with one insurer over separate rates with multiple insurance companies and help customers determine which decision is best for their needs. They are not employed by any one insurance corporation or contracted to only provide quotes and coverage from one insurer.

The J.D. Powers study offers some recommendations for consumers aside from obtaining multiple quotes. One is to thoroughly understand a policy before signing on the dotted line. Homeowners and vehicle owners need to know whether a discounted policy leaves out anything essential. For instance, the home policy may not cover the true replacement cost of valuables like expensive jewelry or antique furniture. Flood insurance is not standard, so someone who wants this coverage must buy it separately. Flooding occurs in some parts of Massachusetts because of severe storms, or when rivers and other waterways overflow due to heavy rain or snow melting. An independent insurance agent will be glad to over the policy features in detail for each option that looks interesting.

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