In Massachusetts, property owners must follow all building codes to lower the risk of a premise liability. These liabilities are associated with a failure to provide visitors with a safe location to visit. It further identifies conditions that are hazardous of which the owner may be aware. The following are FAQs to discuss with a Slip And Fall Accident Attorney in Everett MA.

Is the Owner Liability if They Weren’t Aware of the Conditions?

Yes, if they weren’t aware of the conditions, they can be held accountable for the victim’s injuries. The reason that they can be held accountable is that they are required to conduct inspections to identify these hazards and lower the risk of injuries. By failing to conduct inspections, they didn’t provide an adequate duty to their visitors or patrons.

What Can Happen if the Owner is Found Accountable?

If the victim wins their lawsuit, the owner must pay all medical expenses associated with the injuries. The court can also require them to provide a settlement based on their failure to provide the victim with medical assistance in the first place. If the injuries are permanent, the value of the settlement is higher than average.

What are the Requirements for All Property Owners?

All property owners are required by law to remain compliant with all building codes for their area. This includes mitigation for possible risks based on the type of materials stored within their property. For example, retail stores that sell chemicals are required to follow cleanup protocol if chemicals are spilled. This mitigates any risks to customers.

What Structures are Included in These Cases?

The property itself along with parking lots are included in these cases. Any structure that is owned by the property owner or is accessible to the public is included. This doesn’t include areas in which visitors or patrons are prohibited from entering.

In Massachusetts, property owners must mitigate all risks to prevent personal injuries. This includes maintaining the exterior of the property and removing possible hazards. Victims of these injuries contact a Slip And Fall Accident Attorney in Everett MA or Click here for further details now.

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