In Kansas, all petitioners must ensure they meet the state’s residency requirements to file for a divorce. According to Kansas divorce laws, the petitioner or their spouse must live in the state for at least 60 days before they start a divorce case. Any failure to provide evidence of residency could prevent them from filing a petition. A law firm in Junction City, KS, could help these petitioners file a petition properly.

What are the Available Divorce Grounds?

The only no-fault grounds available in the state of Kansas is incompatibility, which doesn’t assign blame to either party. Both parties accept the same amount of blame for the breakdown of the marriage. This is the most commonly used grounds for divorce in Kansas.

Mental Incapacity as a Divorce Ground

A petitioner may file for a divorce based on mental incapacity after his or her spouse is institutionalized. According to local divorce laws, the spouse must be admitted into an institution for at least two years before a petition is filed. The petitioner must file medical evidence with the court to show if the spouse could recover from the identified condition causing incapacity.

Failure to Complete Marital Obligations

A failure to complete marital obligations could include a variety of situations. For example, the petitioner could file based on an unknown medical condition. If their spouse agreed to provide them with child and was impotent at the time of the marriage, the petitioner could utilize these grounds.

Additional circumstances could include withholding intimacy, a failure to provide adequate financial support, and a failure to perform vital functions as a spouse. The petitioner must provide evidence of these conditions when they file the petition. He or she could also submit medical evidence when appropriate to support the claim.

In Kansas, all petitioners must follow the guidelines and laws for divorce. These requirements may include submission of proof of residency and evidence to support the identified divorce ground. While the state doesn’t offer inhumane treatment as a ground, petitioners could use domestic violence as a reason for filing. Petitioners who need help with a divorce case should contact a law firm in Junction City, KS. To hire an attorney, the petitioner could contact the Oleen Law Firm or visit their website for more information.

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