In Wisconsin, men who have the suspicion that a child resulted from a previous relationship have the legal right to paternity claims. These claims help them to establish that they are the biological parent of the child. It doesn’t matter if the mother listed another individual as the father on the birth certificate. This right to know still exists. The following are details about filing a paternity lawsuit through Brabazon Law Office LLC in Green Bay WI.

Speculation of Fatherhood

The basis of the paternity case can be based on speculation of fatherhood. If the potential father is notified that their ex-girlfriend or wife is pregnant, they may have a claim if there is a possibility that the child was conceived while they were together. The circumstances of the potential paternity must be well-defined. For example, if the potential father has been stalking the mother, additional provisions may apply.

Reviewing Government Support Payments

Any man who is notified about government-based child support payments has the right to file a paternity lawsuit. The acceptance of these payments indicates that the mother is testifying that the man identified is the biological father of their child. This notification is often used as the basis of the paternity case. The Brabazon Law Office LLC in Green Bay WI can help with these cases.

Legal Motions to Get DNA Testing

If the mother refuses to submit to testing, the court can file a motion to collect DNA. They acquire a cheek swab from the child and submit it for testing. These court orders are enforced by the judge, and the mother faces charges if they fail to follow these rules.

Child Custody and Support Requirements

Once paternity is established, child custody and support is possible. The father could acquire visitation initially. They will be required to pay child support as directed by the judge.

In Wisconsin, men may file a paternity lawsuit if they believe they have been denied access to a biological child. These cases allow them to establish fatherhood and gain access to their child. Fathers who need help with these cases Contact Brabazon Law Office LLC Green Bay WI today.

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