In Washington, supplemental security income is an opportunity provided through the Social Security Administration. It provides supplemental payments for individuals who are disabled and cannot support themselves financially. A disability attorney in Tumwater, WA helps disabled individuals file a claim to acquire these benefits.

What Is an Eligible Condition?

An eligible condition is defined as a disability that prevents the individual from working in any industry. This includes any industry in which the individual may have worked previously. The condition could be mental or physical, but must have a profound effect on the individual’s abilities.

Submitting Proof of Income

All SSI claims require evidence of any income from all household members. If the claim is for a child, the parents must provide pay-stubs and banking information. The SSA evaluates their income levels to determine if they qualify. The income of these household members could define the value of the benefits received by the applicant.

Evaluating Medical Records

The SSA evaluates the applicant’s medical records to identify an eligible condition. The records should start on the day in which the individual was diagnosed, and they should show continued treatment for the condition. This documentation should define how the condition will affect the patient’s life and if it is curable. The documentation should also indicate if the applicant could work if medical treatment continues.

How the Applicant’s Doctor Can Help

The doctor providing treatment for the condition can answer any questions about the patient. They can provide testimony that defines the full effect of their condition. The SSA needs to know key factors about this condition to establish eligibility for benefits. The doctor can provide them with all the details they need to speed up the approval process. If denied, the doctor could testify at the appeal.

In Washington, disabled individuals may receive SSI benefits if they qualify. The conditions for qualifying begin with an eligible disability. The applicant and their family must also meet the income restrictions for this program. Applicants who were denied SSI benefits should hire a disability attorney in Tumwater, WA by contacting Putnam Lieb Potvin, Attorneys at Law today.

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