After a car accident, the first person that should be called after the authorities and any needed medical services is an insurance representative. An insurance adjuster who deals with car insurance in Federal Way will have some questions after being contacted. The adjuster will want to know where the car is located. The insurance company wants to make sure that the car isn’t in a place where it can be costing money for storage. If the car is at a lot somewhere, the adjuster will usually ask the owner to authorize the release of the vehicle. An insurance company will usually wish to move it to an auto shop they prefer.

The adjuster will also want to know some other information. The insurance company wants to know how badly the car is damaged. They will also want to know exactly what happened as far as the accident is concerned. This is the tricky part. Some people say that if there is major damage that it’s best to speak with a lawyer before making a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster. At the end of the day, it’s up to the person filing the claim. Although most policies require policy holders to work with insurance companies, there usually isn’t any clause that says that policy holders must give recorded statements.

Dealing with Car Insurance in Federal Way means people need to know that they don’t have to use the preferred shops of insurance companies. Although it can indeed making things easier because of the relationship between the insurance company and the auto shop, people have every right to choose their own authorized shop. Car owners shouldn’t sign of on any work that will be done with any parts that aren’t Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) parts. Work with these parts will cost less, but the parts are not the same quality.

Car owners have a lot of choices for car insurance. They can use SAV-ON Insurance or another business to get their insurance needs fulfilled. Since there is a large selection of insurance companies, people shouldn’t rush buying their insurance. Car owners can save hundreds of dollars by patiently weighing their options.

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