Cat owners sometimes wait longer than they should to take their cats to the vet, whether they are in need of routine checkups or acute medical care. Typically this isn’t due to negligence, but rather a desire not to put their feline friends into stressful situations. The idea of bringing in your beloved cat into a veterinary office filled with barking dogs and maybe the occasional squawking bird can make it seem like some issues are better treated at home. But, at a Cat Clinic in Olathe KS, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Some pet care concerns are similar across the board. Issues like fleas, ticks, some varieties of worms, and acute injuries are equal-opportunity afflictions and could just as easily necessitate a vet visit for your cat as your neighbor’s dog. But, in many ways, the care that cats require is different than other pets. They need different shots as kittens, as they are susceptible to different diseases. There are species specific mites that need to be checked for in his or her ears. They have different daily care requirements, which a feline veterinary specialist can help you sort out.

This goes beyond different kinds of food and flea medication. Cats require a different type of interaction in order to feel comfortable. They get accustomed to people and other animals via different means than dogs and express their pleasure or confusion at being placed into a new situation in specifically feline ways. Ultimately, they need a different kind of care when they go to the vet. A doctor specializing in cats not only knows what to look for in a basic physical exam but also knows how to interact with your feline companions to minimize their stress and discomfort. Most cats, and most animals in general, derive a bit of stress from a visit to the vet. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Bringing them to a dedicated cat clinic can help.

Falcon Valley Animal Hospital operates a specialty Cat Clinic in Olathe KS to ensure that all of your feline friends’ needs are being addressed by knowledgeable specialists.

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