Pain can significantly detract from a person’s quality of life. Some people may have already visited health physicians and received prescription medication for their pain only to have symptoms persist or even worsen over time. Anyone who is experiencing pain should consider looking for pain management doctors to help them get back on the road to recovery.

Pain Management Doctors in Bethlehem PA provide their patients with a better understanding about their pain. Some patients may suffer from chronic or acute pain. Determining which level of pain a patient allows doctors to determine a better course of treatment.

Chronic and acute pain are two different types of pain. For many people, acute pain is easier to define than chronic pain. Acute pain is usually the result of an accident or injury. The pain is sudden and intense for the person suffering from acute pain. This type of pain can generally be treated by treating the cause of the pain. A person who has injured his or her spine in an automobile accident would be someone who has acute pain.

Chronic pain may be considered more complicated than acute pain. Chronic pain may last for several weeks or months. There have even been medical cases where people suffering from chronic pain have experienced painful symptoms for years, causing their bodies to physically adjust to their experience of pain. Chronic pain, unlike acute pain, may be the result of a medical condition rather than an accident or injury. The level of pain can range from mild to severe. A person who suffers from arthritis would be someone who has chronic pain. Or another person with a skin condition could be considered to have chronic pain. Pain Management Doctors in Bethlehem PA, can Change your life with effective skin solutions.

A doctor dealing with pain management can work with patients who have either chronic or acute pain. One option for locals in Bethlehem includes Kirit Kothari MD. They have a comprehensive pain management program designed to help each individual patient and accommodate their unique needs. To learn more about this medical office and their services, go to today.

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