Trash removal is an essential part of owning a home. If the home has no proper trash removal method, the garbage can build up and cause health issues over time. Businesses are the same way, requiring a reliable and regular trash removal service to stay hygienic for both customers and employees. When it comes to handling a large scale project, whether it is for a residence in Watertown or a business, it helps to have the right equipment on hand to cover the extra load of garbage and debris going out. Large scale projects can put out a lot of refuse, making it difficult to keep up with the amount using normal trash disposal means.

One of the best options for larger projects that will produce more garbage to throw away, is the use of dumpsters. There are two different types of dumpsters in general, one being a cart type dumpster and the other being a roll off dumpster. A cart dumpster is simple a small metal box with plastic flaps as lids to keep water and animals out. They usually range between two yards and eight yards in size, making them ideal for normal trash disposal for homeowners and small businesses. Roll off containers, however, range from twenty yards to one hundred yards depending on the roll off rental service in Watertown that it is rented from. Some service companies only offer the eighty to one hundred yard containers for construction sites, due to their sheer size and cost.

When renting from a Roll Off Rental Service in Watertown, a project schedule will be required first. A customer will need to know the date they plan the project to start and the end date, for both drop off of the container and pick up. They can schedule pickups in between these dates to empty the container out if needed, but may incur extra fees depending on the contract signed. Once the project is set, the dumpster will be dropped off at the project location by a large truck that will literally roll it off the back of it, hence the name. These containers are essentially open top trailers, with two large end doors and a canvas that covers the top when moving. For more information on restrictions of rubbish that can be placed in them, visit to learn more.

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