The idea of working on a farm conjures up images to many folks of fresh air, green grass, and bountiful food. The days of oxen and yoke are long gone, though, and in today’s farming world there are big and complicated machines in use, along with chemicals. Farming accidents have become a real concern in the industry, and for those seeking a Farm Accidents Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI, it might be prudent to call the offices of Quincey Becker Schuessler Chase & Devitt SC.

Farming ranks amongst one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Farmers are a very high risk for injuries, both fatal and non-fatal. The most recent statistics pertaining to injuries that the Center For Disease Control and Prevention has are from 2012, and in that year there were 374 farmers who were killed in farm accidents. The majority of these accidents were as a result of tractor overturns. Alarmingly, there were 113 deaths of workers under the age of 20 that year, with 23% involving machinery, and 19% involving motor vehicles. There were also drowning deaths, which accounted for 16% of the fatalities.

If one is looking for a Farm Accidents Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI they want to find a firm with full time attorneys who specialize in personal injury law, as well as wrongful death law. If someone suffers a farm injury, they have to realize the inherent loss of income, which could be coupled with a future loss of earning capacity. There is also the cost of medical care, which could include numerous doctor’s visits, not to mention a hospital stay, in addition to aftercare. That might be in the form of physical or occupational therapy.

Seek a firm that has experienced lawyers that will vigorously go after a settlement on your behalf. Make sure that they are well versed on common law negligence claims and potential strict liability claims against equipment manufacturers, as well as knowing about farm liability insurance, for workers compensation usually doesn’t cover most farm accidents. Ask about past settlements they have had that relate to your particular situation, as well.

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