People like to make fun of “bridezillas,” but putting together a wedding is enough to draw unpleasant stress out of even the most mild-mannered bride. Gathering inspiration, fielding questions from everyone, attending the multitude of parties leading up to the big event, booking the venue, booking the band, figuring out the meal, tasting the cake, DIY-ing or buying party favors and decorations, meeting with vendors and doing the million other things that have to be done before a wedding–all on top of holding down a regular job and maintaining relationships. The current wedding culture encourages micromanaging and is exhausting, expensive and stressful. Burnout and crankiness are more common than anyone likes to believe.

It doesn’t have to be like this, of course. Many couples share the workload, outsource, prioritize effectively and manage to plan a lovely event with minimal stress. Task sharing and effective prioritization are personal and relationship skills that develop with practice and effort, but outsourcing is simple, if one takes steps to ensure that what one gets exactly what they want out of the deal. Outsourcing can include simply asking a sister or close friend to handle certain tasks, but is more commonly associated with hiring wedding planners and other professionals for wedding banquets in Fort Wayne IN.

One benefit of professional wedding venues, as opposed to choosing a charming but unstaffed house, barn or field, is that they come with an experienced staff and many extra services. Day-of-wedding emergency? Someone will be there who has seen it before and knows what to do. Catering can be easily taken care of on-site (no worrying about how the food will be transported to the location!). Set-up and clean-up will be taken care of for the couple (no tipsy bridesmaids and exhausted relatives trying to clean up after a long celebration!). And if one does want to have a very hands-on experience, it’s also possible to find a cooperative venue when preparing for Wedding Banquets in Fort Wayne IN. Just ask ahead of time. For example, Contact Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center and ask about catering options, customization options and any specific desires one has. If a place is able to be flexible while meeting any other personal criteria one might have, take an on-site visit and see how it feels.

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