Many industrial companies use air compressors daily to help with their daily tasks. Caring for an air compressor is necessary to help avoid unnecessary downtime or excessive repair work. During maintenance steps, it may be necessary to order Air Compressor Parts and Service PA to help. Here are some maintenance steps to take in caring for an air compressor to help it last for many years to come.

Cleaning out the compressor is one important part of routine maintenance. This should be done every few weeks to remove excessive debris from the intake vents. Use a shop vacuum with a soft-bristled brush attachment to remove this debris from the vents. Any small pieces of dirt, sandpaper, or dust will be removed, allowing the air compressor to draw in the air without restriction. This will allow the efficiency to remain at the highest level.

The hoses should be wiped down periodically to remove any dirt buildup as well. This can be done with a mild detergent. At that time, the hoses can be inspected for any wear and tear signifying the need for a new hose. Cracks will be more noticeable after a good cleaning.

The air filter should be swapped with a new one every few months. This will ensure there is no dirt buildup making it harder for air to draw through the machine. The gas should also be swapped out with new gas at least once a year. When gas remains in an air compressor for an excessive amount of time without use, it can start to turn into a sludgy material in the bottom of the tank. Tighten nuts and bolts on the machine every few weeks to keep it running like new. Also, release some of the moisture from within the unit every few weeks by loosening the pressure valve.

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