Getting jewelry repaired can be a long process because a lot of places actually send the jewelry out to another store to be repaired. That means customers have to wait for two or three weeks for their jewelry to be ready. The shipping costs add to the overall cost of the repairs, making it more expensive to get pieces fixed. If something happens to the jewelry or it comes back damaged, customers often have few options available.

Before leaving jewelry anywhere to be repaired, make sure repairs are done on the premises, and ask if the work is guaranteed. A store that provides Jewelry Repair in Auburn MA, will usually guarantee their work and have the jewelry repaired in a timely manner. Some jewelers, like Cormier Jewelers, for example, have three goldsmiths and two diamond setters available, so repairs are done on the premises within five business days and can be completed sooner upon request. Pieces are inspected, refinished, and checked for quality before going back to the owner. Work is guaranteed for one full year.

There are some pieces, such as antique jewelry, delicate pieces, and heat sensitive jewelry, that some stores are not able to repair. A laser welder is a combination of state-of-the-art machinery and the latest technology that makes it possible to clean, repair, and restore even the most delicate of jewelry. If customers have been told that antique family heirloom cannot be restored, they should find a store that utilizes a laser welder to complete Jewelry Repair in Auburn MA. Some stores will also check jewelry for damage and clean pieces free of charge while customers wait. That level of customer service indicates a dedication to repairing and restoring jewelry.

While going in to pick up a repaired piece, take the time to view what jewelry is available. Collector’s editions from Heartbeat Diamonds, Bulova, Zable, and Rolex are offered, as are custom pieces. Eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry from Wind Fire is available, along with loose diamonds, gold and silver jewelry, gifts, and engagement rings. Ordering online is also an option with free shipping on all orders or express delivery if desired. You can visit here to get more information.

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