Many companies need industrial floor scales and have specific requirements. When you check out some of the scales available, you will discover a lot of options and several different manufacturers. Here are some important features to consider as you shop for the right kind of scales and weighing equipment.


Just because your equipment is accurate today, does not mean it will be accurate in the future. After all, scales can be affected by wear and tear and many other factors, especially inside a large industrial environment. Most companies cannot afford problems with weighing equipment and this makes the issue of continued calibration, essential. So what is the solution? You now have the option to purchase industrial floor scales with electronic calibration capabilities.

What is Electronic Calibration?

Unlike standard scale calibration methods (which utilize very heavy test weights and require 5 reference points) an electronic calibration system does not need heavy weights and only has the need for one reference point. Plus, there is no reason to apply test weights and remove them several times. The entire process is very easy and when your industrial floor scales are installed it will not take long to calibrate and have them in operation. In addition, this type of calibration system eliminates downtime associated with standard calibration methods.

Remote Access and Setup

There may be times when you need to access weighing equipment data and you are not close to your business. Top quality industrial floor scales can be accessed remotely via the World Wide Web. Thanks to embedded web server technology, it’s possible to share data with others in real-time, and this can eliminate many kinds of problems, and reduce the time it takes to make corrections.

The Value of Remote Access

Suppose a maintenance manager receives a call about a problem with one of the scales in the plant. Without remote access capabilities, the manager has to leave the office or send a maintenance man to the scale. By using remote access, he can stay in the office and take care of the problem in a fraction of the time it takes to physically visit the scale, because all the important data is readily available to him.

Other Important Industrial Floor Scale Features

When you shop for the right scales, check out ones which feature operator diagnostics, and provide stainless steel options. Also, top quality scale manufacturers offer a wide range of options like bumper guards, pit frames, and portability kits with their industrial floor scales.

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