Now that same-sex marriages are legal throughout the United States, more and more lesbian couples are planning the weddings of their dreams. While same-sex weddings will differ in some ways from traditional heterosexual marriages, many couples are breaking traditions nowadays, so all couples can feel free to create a unique, personalized ceremony that will be meaningful to the two partners and their friends and family. The following are some helpful tips for planning a lesbian wedding.

One of the biggest decisions that two brides need to make is what to wear. Some brides go with matching bridal gowns. However, if they don’t wear the exact same dress, it can be hard to find dresses in identical shades of white. Some brides prefer less formal dresses in colors other than white, and some opt for a “bridge and groom” look, with one bride wearing a white gown and the other wearing a suit and tie.

Instead of assigning a “bride’s side” and “groom’s side” for the wedding ceremony seating, brides can either choose a side for each set of guests, or they can invite all guests to sit wherever they like, aside from front row reserved seats for the immediate family members. Having open seating at a wedding can eliminate a visible imbalance if one person has a lot more guests than the other.

In a traditional heterosexual wedding ceremony, the groom enters first and waits at the front while the bride and her party are escorted down the aisle one at a time. Instead of walking down the middle aisle, lesbians can enter the place of the ceremony from opposite sides and meet in the middle. That way they can each be escorted by a father or other loved one without having to decide who goes first.

Finally, lesbian brides should research all of the services they hire to provide catering, flowers, the cake, and Lesbian Wedding Photography in Cincinnati OH. Unfortunately, some companies may not welcome the opportunity to contribute to a same-sex wedding, while others specialize in same-sex weddings and even offer discounts to same-sex couples. For couples seeking Lesbian Wedding Photography in Cincinnati OH, one option is Daniel Michael Photography, a company that celebrates marriage for all couples.

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