Protecting property from damage can be done in several different ways. One is to landscape a property with plants so that windows and doorways are not blocked. Plants that are not pruned can allow intruders a place to hide. A fence can be one way to protect a residence for a few reasons. One is that a fence can also be a deterrent to intruders who try to enter a property.

A fence can also be a way to help keep wildlife from entering a property or pets to leave by digging under a fence or jumping over it, as well as going through it. Some animals like rabbits and deer are attracted to ornamental plants. Raccoons or other pests will open trash containers.
Fences can be installed that are made of many materials; treated or laminated wood, synthetics that can be molded to look like wood or metal, and wrought iron or steel. Gates for fences can be opened manually or with motorized systems that can work automatically, by wall mounted switch or remote control.

Fences not only add to the appearance of a dwelling, they can provide protection for pets and children by keeping them away from busy roads or unsafe places on a property like steep hillsides, plants or wildlife as well as running water.

“Invisible” fences that would be used to keep pets from leaving a property are available that are buried along a property line and cause pet discomfort when they try to leave a yard.

In some cases to have the appearance a property owner wants, a fence may need to be made with two different kinds of materials. One example of this kind of fencing would be split rail fence that has a mesh fence installed next to the split rail fence. Another example would be a hedge of shrubbery with a fence up against it.

Deciding the purpose of having a fence is a good place to start. It is also suggested to work with a professional company that has experience working with Fencing Contractors in Nassau County based. To learn more about fencing options click here to contact Precision Fence LLC.

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