It’s not just poor money management that gets people into trouble. Circumstances change and people may suddenly find that they’re not as ‘liquid’ as they used to be. If a family member loses a job, or if someone falls ill and the medical bills are very high, or if there’s a new addition to the family, it could be that you realize that you’ve accrued more debt than you can handle. Being in debt puts a tremendous burden on a family, and sometimes you may find that it’s all you talk about, and it’s what keeps you awake at night.

When you find yourself in this type of situation, the anxiety you will live with should propel you into taking some type of positive action. Unless you’re expecting to suddenly inherit large sums of money, or are expecting a big increase at work, chances are that your situation is not going to improve unless you take this action. There are many people who find themselves in a similar position and, fortunately, there are companies whose sole purpose is to assist people like you to regain control of their finances.

What are the ways of getting out of debt?

The simple answer is that debt doesn’t go away until you declare bankruptcy or repay the money you owe. However, an excellent first step is to locate debt settlement companies in New York City and to make an appointment to meet with a debt negotiator. These consultations are usually free of charge, and you’ll be given the services of a person who is skilled at budgeting and money management.

The first step is always for a thorough audit of your financial affairs. This would include your income as well as your fixed expenses and all the debt that needs to be repaid. The debt negotiator will then make recommendations as to how to handle your debt and this may well involve debt settlement.

How does debt settlement work?

Based on your financial situation, a new repayment scheme will be put in place, which will be a manageable monthly amount. Of course, at the time of your consultation you will be made aware that you have to be very disciplined financially to make sure you make the monthly payments, and your financial advisor may work closely with you to ensure that you’re not running up further debt in the interim. If you follow the plan and exercise fiscal responsibility, you will find, after a few years that you’re finally able to declare yourself debt-free.

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