Protect your home from flood by taking steps to minimize the damage to your home. Here’s how, according to FloodSmart.Gov:

Your Possessions
1.    Get covered. Companies like the Susquehanna Insurance in Lancaster PA offer flood insurance coverage at excellent rates. Explore until you pick the right one for you.
2.    Make sure you’ve got an inventory of everything you own. In the event of anything being lost or damaged by floods, this list will come in very handy for you when you file your claim with the insurance company.
3.    Keep a copy of all your important legal and financial documents. Put them in a go-to bag—make it waterproof—that you can easily access in case of an emergency.

Your Home
1.    Make sure your gutters are clear of any debris. Clear any tree branches that might fall on your roof as well as any dead ones that litter your backyard.
2.    Secure your fuel tanks in place.
3.    Move all your valuables or any other furniture to a safer location inside your home. So if you think the first floor is going to be submerged in floodwater, better transfer everything to the second or third floor of your home.
4.    Check all your pumps to make sure they work. Get a battery-operated backup just in case.
5.    Install a water alarm in your basement. That way, you know if your basement is already filling up with water. Hopefully, that will give you enough time to evacuate your valuables or move to a safer location.

Your Family
1.    Prepare an emergency pack. This should have bottled water, canned goods, a first aid kit, blankets as well as flashlights, extra batteries and a flashlight.
2.    Have emergency numbers accessible. Always put a copy of important emergency numbers by the phone. Teach your children to call these numbers in case of an emergency.
3.    Plan an evacuation route with your family. Make sure everyone knows what to do and where to go when high floodwaters surge.
4.    Don’t forget your pets. Make sure they’re not tied down or they could drown. Prepare an emergency plan that includes a plan to keep your pets safe.

The best way to protect your home and your family from a flood is by being prepared for it. No one knows what the future holds, and being prepared gives you, your home, and your family a better chance of getting through the worst-case scenario without a problem.

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