Windows may fog for a variety of reasons. When a homeowner sees fog on their windows, his doesn’t necessarily mean they need to panic. The first step is to identify why the fog is occurring. Only then can it be determined if Glass Repairs in Reno NV are needed and what they will entail. In many cases, no repairs are necessary, as steps taken within the home will be enough to resolve the issue.

Following are steps every homeowner should take before calling for glass repair. First and foremost, the homeowner needs to determine if the fog is on the side of the glass in the home, on the outside portion of the window or between the panes. This determines what steps need to be taken to resolve the issue. When the fog is on the glass portion inside the home, it is due to low temperatures outside and high humidity indoors. Reduce the interior humidity level and the problem should resolve.

When the fog is on the outside of the glass, it is due to temperature differences between the interior and exterior of the home and there’s not much that can be done. In the event the fog is occurring between two panes of glass, Glass Repairs in Reno NV will be needed, as this typically indicates the seal between the panes is no longer present for some reason. Older doors and windows are prone to this issue, as the seal fails over time. In fact, most homeowners will see this first on the side of the home that receives the most sun, as sunlight accelerates the failure of the seal. The sun entering the home also tends to highlight the issue.

If you find your windows are fogging up and it appears to be a failure of the seal, contact . They will come out, diagnose the issue and advise you of the best course of action to resolve the problem. Windows help to protect the home and keep energy costs down, but are only effective when they are working as intended. For this reason, any fog needs to be investigated and a solution determined. Putting this task off could cost a homeowner more in the long run.

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