As potential buyers browse through for-sale listings, they are captivated by the storage space, enamored with the master bedroom’s size, and intrigued by the in-ground pool. However, they scroll down to find out that the property contains only one bathroom, and they quickly move on to the next listing. In fact, other buyers may never even see the listing at all since they have set their search preferences to return only those properties that have more than one bathroom. As thus, hiring a Bathroom Addition Contractor in Fairfax VA helps to increase the odds of making a successful sale on the property.

Many buyers want houses that have at least two full bathrooms in them for variegated reasons. Some feel that one bathroom will be impossible once they have children, and others are concerned about having a guest bathroom for out-of-town relatives on visits. A large portion of people who purchase houses are families; therefore, they want to ensure that they have ample space. Many of those buyers do not even want to consider a house with one-and-a-half baths. ABC Design & Build can help to create a full bathroom even in smaller spaces. The bathroom may not have extravagant features, but it will provide a place to bathe and freshen up.

Home owners who are interested in turning part of their home into a rental property should also consider speaking with a Bathroom Addition Contractor in Fairfax VA. Some properties include shared bathrooms where the residents rent a room. However, for many, this situation is considered undesirable. That is particularly true for couples or families who wish to rent a living space. Adding in a second bathroom provides the privacy that renters want. Once a private bathroom is added to the rental listing, it is likely to receive substantially more views than when it was listed with a shared bathroom.

Some individuals decide that they want to add even more bathrooms to their house as their families grow. Speaking with a contractor helps them to choose the most suitable design for the space that they have available in their homes.

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