The Ford Flex is something of a unique SUV. It is longer and lower to the ground than most. It also has a much more squared off body than most SUVs on the road today. That being said, it is an excellent family vehicle and is often compared to minivans when people are shopping. This is not because the Ford Flex is inherently minivan like. On the contrary, the Ford Flex is often seen as an alternative to buying a minivan for those who need the space, but don’t want to drive a van. So, how does the Ford Flex hold up to the Honda Pilot and should you be looking for a Ford Flex in Bedford Park?

Advantages of the Ford

Let’s start out with the Ford; it has the larger engine and better use of its available space for both passengers and cargo. The Ford Flex is also a great looking vehicle. It combines elements from minivans, SUVs, and wagons to get its unique styling. Combine this styling with a powerful engine and plenty of room, and it is no wonder why the Flex has the highest retention rate of any Ford Vehicle.

For The Honda

The Honda, on the other hand, takes advantage of a less powerful engine to improve fuel economy. It also provides seating for up to 8 passengers, and its looks are closer to a standard SUV styling. While the engine of the Honda Pilot does not compare to the Ford, it is still a respectable performer, making 250 horsepower.

Either one of these vehicles is going to be a great choice for a family SUV, but at the end of the day the Ford Flex wins out. It has more power and space and has a unique and attractive styling that the Honda cannot match. It also has the highest retention rate of any Ford vehicle.

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