Corporate Gifts Washington DC companies provide to their employees often include typical trophies and signs. While these products may be appreciated by some, there are far better options out there that make the gifts more worthwhile. Eco-friendly options are available for companies looking to go green. There are at least four eco-friendly corporate gifts that companies can give their employees.

Bamboo Plaques

Companies looking to go green can provide their employee of the month with a bamboo plaque rather than one made from wasteful materials. Bamboo is a plentiful resource, so using this material in the creation of products is a smart move. It also provides a unique look that many do not often see.

Coconut Shell Awards

Coconut shells are another plentiful resource that can be used in the creation of awards. A coconut shell award can be designed in any way the company sees fit. While one may be used for an employee of the month, another may simply be for perfect attendance. Each award is designed with a specific purpose in mind using a beautifully crafted picture that is environmentally friendly.

Picture Plaque

Rather than using an average plaque that simply lists the person’s name, the company may choose to use a picture plaque. The frame can be made with eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, while a space is left for a picture. The picture may be of the person receiving the award or can be something depicting what the award is for.

Tote Bags

A tote bag is a great gift to give for any occasion, corporate or otherwise. The bag can be engraved with a special title, a person’s name, or simply left blank. In any event, it is a great eco-friendly and reusable gift.

Corporate Gifts Washington DC companies provide their employees can all be made with eco-friendly materials. There are plenty of options available for companies looking to go this route. Those in need of further ideas can visit Award Crafters Inc to learn about the various options available. There are numerous products and designs that can be made into corporate gifts and promotional products for companies and their employees.

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