The need for a storage unit is quite common and when individuals have to store their belongings they want to make sure their possessions stay safe. By installing various safety features, companies that offer storage unit rental can make their facilities as safe as possible. Read the information below to learn about four types of security measures that are often implemented at a storage facility in York, PA.

Security Gates

Access code security gates stay closed and only individuals who are renting a storage unit can enter the premises. This safety feature prevents people who aren’t renting a storage unit from driving onto the property. In addition to safety, security gates are also convenient for customers because they can access their unit at any time of the day or night.

Perimeter Fencing

In addition to security gates, tall perimeter fencing also prevents outsiders from entering the property on foot. Security fencing that’s installed around the entire storage facility adds another level of security so customers will know that their belongings in their storage unit will be safe.

Surveillance Cameras

Many businesses install surveillance cameras so their property can be monitored 24 hours a day. This type of security feature is of utmost importance at a storage facility. Surveillance cameras will record any type of criminal behavior that occurs at the storage facility and just the sight of security cameras often keep individuals from performing any type of criminal activity.

Lights and Lighted Units

Storage rental customers who often visit a storage facility in York, PA at night will feel safer in a lighted area. By installing several lights inside the property, individuals won’t have to go to their storage units in the dark. A light inside each unit is another safety precaution that’s also advantageous to each customer. If accessing the storage unit when it’s dark, the light makes it easy for individuals to see their belongings.

Individuals in York who need to store their personal belongings in a storage unit can contact A Better Rate Storage. This storage facility offers their customers the best in safety with lights, security cameras, gate only access and perimeter fencing. Visit their website at to learn about their storage unit sizes, rates and specials.

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