It’s the stuff of nightmares: Dampness seeping into the corners of the basement, creating gross, dark, wet splotches on the walls. Boxes of books, children’s toys and precious mementos grow musty and–horror of horrors–begin to mildew. The day after a rainstorm, a trip downstairs reveals a glistening layer of water covering the floor. Cardboard boxes are getting soggy, and the family cat is looking at the scene distastefully. Altogether, it’s enough to make a homeowner want to cry.

In a basement, water can cause real damage, and worse, once water has entered a basement, it can take a long time and a tremendous effort to dry the room out. The best way to avoid the scenario above is to stop water damage before it starts via waterproofing. Drainage systems like french drains in wakefield MA, which diverts excess groundwater and surface water away from a home’s basement (or foundation), can keep water out in most circumstances. If a home has been facing water problems for many years, additional services, like crack repair or mold removal, may also be needed, and an effective waterproofing business will either be able to handle these services or refer a homeowner to other companies that can take care of them.

As with everything to do with home maintenance, it is important to be sure that the company chosen to install French Drains in Wakefield MA is experienced and well-regarded. Competitive pricing is well and good, but it must be paired with warranty assurance to ensure that quality will stay high even as prices stay reasonable. The free estimates offered by some companies are one way to check that the suggested price matches the services to be rendered.

The 24-hour technician support, follow-up monitoring and environmentally-friendly materials and processes are other features a homeowner may wish to consider before hiring a business for drain installation. Additionally, one may wish to check business websites not only for contact information and facts about services offered, but also to see if the business is certified through local or national business or technical organizations, and to see if it is comfortable displaying customer experiences. For example, one can visit to find links to customer reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List, as well as a rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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