Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Control In Mesa

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Pest Control

Once bed bugs invade a home, it can be difficult to get rid of the infestation. Individuals become a buffet at night for the bugs and they wake up with red spots on their skin. To make sure that the bed bugs in your home are gone for good, contact a Bed Bug Control Mesa area specialist to exterminate these bothersome insects. The frequently asked questions below will give you additional information about bed bugs and extermination.

Q.) Is it dangerous for humans when they’re bitten by bed bugs?

A.) The bite of a bed bug can cause an allergic reaction and the area of the bite will itch. Individuals can apply an itch relief medication to the irritated areas if necessary. Most individuals won’t need to see a physician for bed bug bites unless they develop a fever, have breathing difficulties or if the redness around a bite starts to spread.

Q.) What does an exterminator do when performing a bed bug inspection and extermination?

A.) During an inspection, a qualified specialist will look for signs of bed bugs inside the home. These signs include bed bug eggs and tiny dark spots of waste that can be seen on light-colored fabrics. In addition to the bedroom, bed bugs are often found in various other rooms of the house. An inspector often looks for bed bugs in the cushions of the sofa, under electrical outlet switch plates and behind loose sections of wallpaper. Once the bed bugs are positively identified, homeowners will have to perform some preparations before the bugs are exterminated. These include vacuuming the entire home and placing all bed sheets, linens, and clothing into plastic garbage bags so that the specialist can also treat these items. Before the extermination, a bed bug control in Mesa area specialist will outline all the necessary preparations with the homeowner.

If you notice a bed bug infestation in your home, contact a professional service, such as Alliance Pest Management. This experienced company also provides pest control services for various other pests including roaches, scorpions, spiders and ants.

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