Individuals often need a safe and convenient place to keep their boat during the colder months of the year. For a simple solution, many boat owners contact a company that provides Boat Storage in Henderson NV. If you’ve never stored your boat before, read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about proper boat storage.

Q.) How should boat owners winterize their boat before storing it during cold weather?

A.) Before storing a boat for the winter at a place that provides Boat Storage in Henderson NV, individuals should empty and flush out the cooling system. Each cylinder must be thoroughly lubricated with oil and if applicable, individuals should remove the oil from the lower unit and replace it with fresh oil. The coolant must be drained from the engine block and replaced with antifreeze. Boat owners should refer to the owner’s manual for specific information concerning their model of boat.

Q.) What are some tips for cleaning a boat before placing it in storage?

A.) Individuals should make sure they thoroughly clean their boat before storing it for the winter. This includes cleaning all the dirt and grime from the outside, as well as the inside, of the boat. Before placing a cover over the boat, individuals should make sure the boat is completely dry. If there’s moisture still inside the boat when the cover is put on, mold will grow in the damp areas. Boat compartments should be cleaned out and if possible, the doors on the compartments should be left open to allow for air circulation.

Q.) What type of storage place should individuals look for when storing their boat?

A.) To make sure that their boat remains safe while being stored, individuals should choose a boat storage company that has various security features. This often includes security cameras, fully enclosed storage units and coded gates when entering the premises. Boat owners should inspect the storage facility that offers Boat Storage in Henderson NV before renting a unit.

If you need a safe and affordable place to store your boat in Nevada, contact Canyon Road Self Storage in Henderson NV. Visit the website to learn more information about this storage facility and to contact the company when you need to store a boat, RV or your belongings.

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